'Artquake Kyoto' 2015, Kyoto Japan, 16-22 March 2015

Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 203rd Exhibition, 25 March to 11 April 2015, Mall Galleries, London UK.

Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Exhibition 6-18th March 2015, Bankside Gallery, London UK.

Üsküdar Biennale 2014, Beylerbeyi Palace Üsküdar, Istanbul. 1st-7th September 2014. Prize winner.

Work donated to Üsküdar General Hospital with Istanbul International Forum of the Arts, 15th April 2014, Üsküdar, Istanbul

‘Printemps des Artistes’, Sainte Pulcherie French School, 4-12 April 2014, Beyoglu, Istanbul
Watercolour demonstration, Tuzla Vocational College, 20th January 2014, Tuzla, Istanbul
‘Art has Wings’ Sotheby’s charity auction, 30 November 2013 Swedish Palace in Istanbul
‘Art has Wings’, Arte Istanbul Exhibition 11-16th November 2013, Beyoglu, Istanbul
 ’Thursday Talks’ Istanbul Bilgi University, MA Programme in Cultural Management – Panel member, 31st October 2013, Istanbul
Istanbul Watercolour Society Exhibition, IDO Gallery, 22nd June 2013, Kadıköy, Istanbul
‘Istanbul My Love’, Dolmabahce Gallery, 10-17th June 2013, International Forum of the Arts, Istanbul
Istanbul Watercolour Society, March 2013 Competition finalist, youtube
SUMMARTIME 2012 – Contemporary Art of Europe, Eurasia and the Middle-East, June 2012GG Gallery, Beyoglu, Istanbul
Prisms of Expressions, Cihangir Cultural Centre, Beyoglu, March 2011, Istanbul International Forum of the Arts Istanbul, Istanbul
Watercolour demonstration, USF, Kadıköy, Istanbul
By the Waters of Istanbul, Kadıköy IDO Gallery, June 10th-18th 2011, International Forum of the Arts Istanbul, Istanbul
Creative Euphoria, Press Museum, Group Summer Exhibition, 19th-30th June 2010, Sultan Ahmet, International Forum of the Arts Istanbul, Istanbul
Prisms, Besiktas Cultural Centre, Art Lovers of Istanbul Group Exhibition, 1-7th March 2010, Istanbul

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