Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Allah Korusun

Istanbul's love affair with the car doesn't seem to diminish with the increase in traffic jams. Before I launch into a tirade against Istanbul traffic I should point out that I know Delhi traffic is horrific and certainly Chinese traffic jams are now legendary, Istanbul in comparison gets off lightly, but it's still really bad! The essential accessory whilst driving seems to be a mobile phone firmly placed against one's ear regardless of speed, manouevre or traffic intensity. I'm still very impressed with the politeness and patience of many Turks I meet, unfortunately traffic brings out the worst in humans and just recently I've witnessed  some very scary incidents involving knives, a lot of shouting and death threats, all because of the traffic.
Allah Korusun as they say.

Watercolour on 600gm paper

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Burnout II

Burnout II

Summer is finally here. It's been warmer in the Uk recently than Istanbul! But as the Beşiktaş football fans flooded across the Bosphorus today to celebrate their winning the League Championship the sun shone. I sat on the ferry crossing that enchanting stretch of water one never tires of wishing I had made the necessary seasonal adjustments like sunglasses and sun cream.

Whilst the city which positively aches with history gathers around the Bosphorus and the tourists thankfully return I remain captivated by rusted burnout vehicles found in the corners of the city where foreigners rarely tread.

Watercolour on 600gm paper.

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