Wednesday, October 26, 2016

kursunluhan- karakoy 

It's been a busy month. Setting up an Arts association here in the city of Istanbul has proven to be an interesting experience. There's nothing like grappling with officialdom to get to know a country and culture just that little but more. The approval for our application came through at the beginning of October and we've been getting utilities set up since.

So it's just in the last week or so I've been able to turn my mind to the work of painting. The Kurşunlu Han near the waterfront at Karaköy still brings me much inspiration and is a break from the rusted pieces of metal that usually inspire me. The old Karvansaray apparently has Byzantine roots and its second floor is attributed to Mimar Sinan the most well known of Ottoman architects. Over the years I've painted a lot of this particular place, maybe one day we could try a pop-up exhibition there. 

Watercolour on 600 gm paper 
For sale

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