Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Inspiring artists...

Work in progress - Part One

The summer is finally upon us. The schools are winding down, it's Ramadam and most people seem to be asleep a lot of the time. 

Istanbul is calming down and sadly last week's bomb probably did nothing for the cities prospects this coming summer.

We have to finish off painting the walls at the refugee centre this Saturday and I'm still trying to get more painting done before I head off to see family and friends.

I have been inspired by many people in the last six months. Here are a few of them..

Hicran Alio─člu - an Azeri watercolour─▒st check him out.

Paul Fowler - an English watercolourist @PaulFowlerArt
Lewis Noble - @mybluecanary
David Parfitt - @davidparfittR
and of course my favourite Matti Sirvio www.mattisirvio.com

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