Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tea Break..


“The whole area is gonna be knocked down”, so they say. As you look at the surrounding high rise buildings going up (all testimony to the ballooning construction sector here) one does indeed wonder how long this place will remain. 

The auto repair neighbourhood is an area of two to three storey concrete buildings filled with every type of automobile related enterprise. Body work shops, clutch replacement centres, engine, brakes and exhaust repair garages are all nestled together into a maze of narrow streets strewn with the half finished remains of vehicles. On one corner there is a wall of discarded tyres on another a vehicle spills its guts onto the path for impatient drivers to curse at as they squeeze through the chaos.

The actual workshops themselves are galleries filled with the three dimensional products of human ingenuity. They’re stacked with crafted, manufactured, repaired, repainted and moulded sculptures standing as monuments
to the relentless quest by ordinary men to earn and provide. The tools they use lie scattered, close at hand, scarred by the urgent frowns of time strapped customers. 

The men themselves maintain a calm nobility, in command of their space, confident of the service they provide. They dictate when the tea arrives and when the work will be done. The Call to Prayer for the most part is heeded, the work can wait.

Watercolour on 600gm paper.

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