Friday, April 22, 2016


“What a beautiful pair of boots!” I said to the scrap iron man as he pushed his cart up to the garage we were waiting by. My mechanic friends laughed, no-one had ever called anyone’s footwear in this whole auto repair centre 'beautiful'. The guy looked pleased and I respectfully asked if I could take a photo to which he willingly agreed.

He clearly doesn’t do his shoe-laces up which could be for a variety of reasons. What most westerners don’t understand about Muslim cultures is that you don’t wear outside shoes inside the home. As such slip-on shoes are favoured, or shoes that can be worn unlaced… I suppose. I wonder also if the guy would pray five times a day and this of course involves the taking off of shoes.

I can’t get away from the beauty of old worn things. These boots tell a story and tell us a lot about the wearer. I’m interested by the fact that he’s wearing ‘pin-striped’ trousers! These would be the chosen style of bankers and civil servants where I come from! Here they are the chosen style of scrap iron merchants.

Next picture will be entitled the ‘Hand of God’ look out for it.

Watercolour on 600gm paper

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