Friday, September 25, 2015


Istanbul remains a confusing city. 

Take parking for example. As the city grows, as the number of cars increases, and of course as the traffic jams get worse, one can't help but notice that although there are probably enough roads in the city, there isn't enough parking. Added to this is the habit that I've never really understood of people to park in the most bizarre places, just adding to the traffic chaos.

Talking to a guy fishing on the Galata Bridge just this past week, I asked him how he came into town. He pointed to his car which was parked behind him on the road, on the bridge, under a no parking or no stopping sign. He wasn't obstructing anything and I suppose he wasn't doing any harm, but the simple audacity of it made me smile. Why not drive to the centre of one of the oldest cities on earth and park one's car next to where the fishing is best?

Parking on the Galata Bridge which crosses the historic Golden Horn is like parking on Tower Bridge in London, it's like parking on the Pont Neuf in Paris!

The fisherman smiled and said 'bir şey olmaz' (nothing will happen) and we carried on enjoying the Bosphorus in all its autumn glory.

Watercolour on paper. - Byzantine Electric Metre

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