Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ordinary Men

The 'Sanayi' as they call it is a huge area devoted to mechanics, car maintenance, car body repairs and various shops supplying their needs. It's a warren of dark narrow roads flanked by hundreds of garages and shop fronts with cars in all states of repairs littering the streets.

The already busy streets of the city are complicated further here with not just busy car drivers going about their business, but with the detritus of the awesome automobile culture of the city blocking the roads and obstructing the thoroughfares. Often unexpectedly great flashes of light leap out of dark corners as welders go about their business.

Added to all this is the call to prayer. Contrary to our western images of Islam as, at best, an 'oriental' faith rooted in the medieval past, here it is a living part of the lives of very ordinary men. So welders, mechanics, car electonics experts and fixers of every type down tools for the 'Ezan' or call to prayer five times a day.

In the West religion is often portrayed as the sentimental occupation of those in need of a crutch, here to many, faith is the staff of life, an ingrained habit around which one hangs one's family, work and very existence. Emotion doesn't have to come into it because,  as they say,  life is an exam, don't complain just get on with it.

Screwdrivers Watercolour on paper.

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