Sunday, September 6, 2015

Back in the Traffic

Whilst still pondering the sobering works I saw at Dismaland a few weeks ago I start off what for me is a new season with an engine.

When I first came to this huge city a friend of mine talked about how it's weird to think that most of the oxygen we're breathing here has already been inhaled multiple times by an internal combustion engine.

I hope that people sense irony when they look at this painting. The landscape of this city is moulded by the motor car so I thought I'd paint it, I mean paint the creator of the landscape.

I suppose a hundred and fifty years ago in European cities horses would have been everywhere. The roads would have been blocked by them, their waste products would be piling up in the streets, their housing and storage for their fuel would be big business. The numbers employed to maintain and service horse powered transport would have been vast.

So, we shouldn't be too upset if our our present favoured transport equivalent takes up a lot of room, oxygen and as for its waste products, we breathe it in!

People like painting horses but personally a rusting relic of our obsession with the motor car is to me more relevant and urgent than horses crashing through surf ( a favoured subject for painters).

Watercolour on Paper

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