Thursday, July 2, 2015

Do you want to know the best time to eat fish here in Istanbul?

The best time to eat fish here is in September. I'll tell you why.

The fish feast on the plankton in the warm summer months which thrive in the warm waters about the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. They grow fat and juicy.

As the water starts to cool down towards October and beyond the fish begin to use up their fat reserves to stay warm, which means they become less juicy and thus less tasty.

I learnt that shell fish which live in the sands round the coast filter the water and so clean it! I also learnt  that  dolphins apparently delibaretely harm the fisherman's nets (?).

I was also given a couple of crabs to take home and cook, they were good, although I could probably have done with a few more.

It's amazing what you can learn hanging out with a few fisherman. They gave us the freedom of the quayside to clamber over boats and take photos. Turkish warmth and hospitality strikes again.

On a beautiful summer's day, heading out from Istanbul and taking the coast road is a wonderful way to take a day off from the usual grind. As always the most exciting thing about living in a different culture, when you've seen all the sights and sampled all the food, is to journey into the human spirit. 

Long talks with fishermen, and chats with friendly passers by deepen and broaden the cultural collage one is forming in one's head as time passes. The fascinating differences we stumble across and the knowledge that we all share common struggles and frustrations is a lesson in being truly human.

As for the painting, well there comes a time when you have to just finish the work and put it out there even though it's not as you'd have wanted it to be. It will be on my website

Please feel free to purchase this picture and anything else you see on my website. Who needs a landscape when you could have a rusty hook?

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