Monday, May 25, 2015

Spring Fever

Yet again it's election season here in Istanbul. Last summer there was the Presidential election and the local government elections, this year it's the what I suppose we'd call the national assembly elections. The streets are adorned with bunting and huge flags are hanging everywhere. There are the big parties, just a few, and then a multitude of smaller ones all competing for our attention. 

The lavishly amplified marshall sounding music and the rousing emotional appeals to patriotism blaring out of  various election leafleting tents make a simple trip to the ferry a memorable event. The  flyers are beginning to appear on our doorsteps and I expect we'll get a visit from local parties canvassing for support soon. This is always a trifle embarrassing as although we speak the language it's fairly obvious we're foreigners and as a result are not going to win them any votes I hate wasting people's time!

It will be all over in June, summer's coming. My artists friends are already beginning to drift away for the holiday months. Ramadam will fall in June this year and will be a trial for my devout friends, the days will be long and hot. Kolay Gelsin (may it come easy) !

Watercolour on Paper, Joseph's Tools II

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