Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Joseph's Tools

Joseph's Tools Watercolour on 600gm Paper

The view was stunning. The Black Sea shone blue and vibrant in the spring sunshine. We were surrounded by lush green hills and gentle forest which sloped steeply down to the water's edge. We were being shown an old disused cable car which was now perched half way down the sheer wooded hillside lodged between trees and shrubs still clasping its rusting cables. In days gone by it had served a mining village with a population of twenty thousand, the cable car had taken bathers down the steep slope to the beach below. Close to the now rusting remnants of the winch at the top we sat and talked in the sunshine and the villagers remembered the old days and how vibrant the village had been. 

Before we ended our short trip to the Black Sea and headed back to the big city we swung by Joseph's workshop. He'd been hosting us since our arrival in the village tea room just the day before. His workshop was a treasure trove of old weather beaten tools ripened by age. Without touching anything I wandered around taking in the sights, textures and memories that only workshops can preserve. Joseph watched somewhat bemused at the delight his everyday surroundings prompted in me. He had other plans, there was tea to be drunk and friends he wanted to introduce us to! He was was typical of so many of his countrymen, lavishly hospitable, a lover of conversation and possessing an ability to drink countless servings of dark black tea which left my head spinning.

Pure Watercolour on 600 gm paper.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Unfinished Mammoths

I passed this rusting hulk on my may alongside the Black Sea this week. This container ship was evidently abandoned before being finished and has been sitting rusting away until someone starts the mammoth task of dismantling. 

Failing to finish work that has been started is a recurring theme in my work at the moment and something that will be remedied very soon.

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Below is another work in progress....

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another work in progress...

Painting is hard work. It's a labour of the spirit, the mind and the body. One can also rarely be sure of how things are going to work out, for me an investment of time and materials in projects that for unforeseable reasons don't work out is frustrating and time consuming.

That has been the story of the last few months. I know most of my readers are not sitting with their lives on hold, with white knuckled anticipation awaiting my latest post, but all the same I like to be working and producing more than I have been able to do recently. Plus I need to sell!

There have been some high profile exhibitions (even if one particular painting that was chosen wasn't my favourite) and quite a lot of travelling, but all the same the 'bread and butter' of creating has been a start-stop affair.

This is my latest work in progress, let's hope it 'flowers' soon. It will be obvious what it is in time.... 


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