Monday, May 26, 2014

Ten Least Painted Scenes of Istanbul - Number 6

It's been a very sad month here in Turkey. The tragic death of over three hundred miners was a terrible shock for the nation. The responses to the tragedy were many and varied but there are a lot of families grieving the loss of their main bread winner and father or son. We stand with the people of this nation in their sorrow.

There was a nasty little tremor on Saturday which sent us all running for cover, the earthquake which is apparently due for Istanbul thankfully has not yet happened. Our 'earthquake bag' remains poised in a convenient place, I'm hoping it remains unused for many years to come.

Summer finally broke through in the last few weeks and we are enjoying glorious days of sunshine and evenings of tea and talk. The schools are beginning to organise the activities of the final weeks of term and we are thinking about our annual wall painting chaos. There is a lot to be done before we all retire for the summer.

Old Basin - Watercolour on Paper 

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