Wednesday, December 18, 2013


'The traffic is heavy today because it's a Sunday, everyone is out 'gezing' (sight seeing etc..).'
'The traffic is heavy today because it's a Monday morning and everyone is going to work.'
'The traffic is heavy today because it's Saturday afternoon' - no reason usually given.
'Of course the traffic is heavy today because it's a weekday.'

Add all the above up and you will understand traffic is always heavy here.

However, if you add snow to the equation, it all gets a lot more exciting! When I say snow, really we're talking about a fairly light brushing of soggy snow that comes most years for a day or so in January or February in Istanbul. But when it comes it's great! The children eagerly scan the local news  in the hope that the Mayor will call a 'Kar Tatili' or Snow Holiday. The teachers take a passionate interest in the weather which is a restrained adult version of the kid's blind excitement about the possibility of a day off. Despite the excitement, in true Istanbul style the sun can rise and bring crashing disappointment to millions of hopeful hearts.

Never mind, the winter is yet young.

A piece of the city wall - nothing to do with snow, it's sunlight...……
Watercolour on 300gm paper.

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