Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Aftermath...

There wasn't an alcohol ban, there were a few laws brought in to control the domestic consumption of alcohol but nothing worse than the kind of regulation that some EU countries have. Whatever was happening a month ago on the streets of Istanbul it seems to have quietened down. I'm reluctant to comment on those events, suffice to say most of the world clearly failed to understand the complexity of the political situation here and how facile comparisions to the Arab world obscured what is happening in modern Turkey.

I have friends on either side of what seemed at the time to be a political divide of enormous proportions, they all feel very deeply about their positions. What came home to me was how much we rely on international news agencies and the media to inform our world view; but at the same time they are frequently very wrong in the impressions they give, scary!

We wondered back in June if our group exhibition was to be cancelled as it was in the centre of town close to the events that filled the news. In the final event it went ahead and we had a great opening, I do wonder however,  if visitors in the following week were put off by the large numbers of riot police hanging around the building!

Watercolour on paper.

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