Saturday, December 1, 2012

Suleiman's Press

The rains have arrived. The roads are clogged with traffic as streams flow down the hills and overflow the drains. The venture capitalist umbrella sellers are out touting their poor quality wares as if to prove that the laws of supply and demand are ever with us. Public buses are crammed with depressed commuters and crawl along in the diesel and rain with their windows steaming up. Cars barely travel faster than buses though at least the drivers can smoke whilst they wait in the traffic.

As I've remarked before, whilst this weather is somewhat depressing for me, the locals are thankful to God for rain and never cease to point out to me that it cleanses and revives. Their connection to an agrarian society is maybe a generation closer than mine, they maintain a hobbit-like love of the land and it's produce.

The collection of artifacts I discovered in an old Ottoman market place continue to fascinate me, the above item is some kind of press.

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