Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's really hot here, it's humid and steaming. It's also Ramadam, the month of Muslim fasting where the faithful go without food and drink for the hours of sunlight, which is about seventeen hours of fasting a day at the moment. 

This means that as soon as the sun goes down and the call to prayer rises the 'iftar' meal is celebrated. All is quiet for an hour or so as people usually eat a hearty meal and enjoy the company of friends, family and neighbours. Breakfast is prepared in the early hours of the morning before sunrise, then all goes quiet as people sleep a few more hours before they go about their day's work.

There is something really wholesome about this time of fasting; a bit of abstinence, alot of social eating, reconciliation and family. I understand that Muslim olympians face a real struggle, the last time the Olympics coincided with Ramadam was in 1980.

The picture above is a watercolour of a rusty pulley lying in the dust on a Turkish quayside.

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