Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ottoman chic

My pictures are taking while to produce at the moment what with my recent experiments with 'Art of the Real'/ultra realism etc...  I'm being drawn more and more to rusty objects and walls with graffiti etc.. I blame David Poxon's captivating work which is going on exhibition shortly in London.

In the mean time I remain in awe of Ottoman design and genius for pattern and style. More of this next week as I go to the heartland of Ottoman tile making in Iznik.

Watch this space.


davidpoxon said...

Ewan ! inspired to know my work is influencing such a talented watercolourist as yourself ! keep the faith , there is no limit to where watercolour can go.

Ewen MacDonald watercolouristanbul said...

Well, thanks to you for pushing the limits...

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