Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last week I visited the annual exhibition of work of the local government run art and crafts courses (ISMEK). It was stunning, there was Islamic calligrahy, ebru, ceramic work, tezip and a lot of poetry and roses.  Some of the work was sublime. 

Almost all the women there there were headscarved, which in this country means that they are aligned with the religious conservatives. It's these people that you won't see at the Istanbul Modern art gallery down on the Bosphorus, which appears to be the anti-thesis of religious conservatism. No surprises there then, but regardless of one's religious views the beauty and skill exhibited in the ISMEK work was amazing.

I really hope these two worlds talk to each other, I suspect they don't. Why doesn't the word know about ebru?


My work is taking longer to produce than I'd want at the moment.... watch this space...

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