Thursday, March 22, 2012


Feeling a little philosophical this week......

Life is a wounding experience, I think this is universally the case. We protect our children from possible sources of injury both physical and emotional but are impotent to prevent the inevitable hurts that life inflicts. 

There are different responses we have to all this, the most human is usually to seek out someone or something to blame (assuming there isn't already an obvious perpetrator). Justice is often the cry of our hearts at such times.

The most striking people I have met in my life are those who are somehow free and deep enough to absorb the pain and yet continue loving. Whilst seeing the need for justice, whilst feeling pain, they also seem to be unbound by the negative cycle of hurt upon hurt.

This one is for sale if you're interested:
watercolour on 300 gm paper

1 comment:

K Howell said...

Really lovely! Very Anish Kapoor, the visual effect is affecting.

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