Friday, March 2, 2012

Anarchy in Beyoğlu

This one has been a while in the coming. The forces of nature and feral youth eat away at an old Ottoman water fountain in the city of Istanbul. The ornate Arabic script in the marble is a wonderful contrast to the gleeful graffitti of some left-leaning iconoclast.

We often talk of economic development here, usually in reference to the break-neck speed of Turkey's recent economic growth. In my experience of living in 'developing' countries, the 'West' remains the model of economic development despite it all looking a little dishevelled at the moment what with deficits, bankruptcy and defaults all round. 

However, one can sense a smug sympathy toward Europe emanating from those here for whom economic collapse was a terrifying reality here just over a decade ago. One can also sense a feeling that after many years of being refused entrance to the EU maybe Turkey neither needs or wants membership, many talk of a neo-Ottomanism that looks to the Middle East now. 

All the same, neither the ornate decorative Arabic style, or brash offensive Punk icons will be the future of this culture. We'll wait and see.

At the moment I'm adopting a very realist approach to my subjects, not sure how long this will last...


K Howell said...

Iconoclast or ironist?

Perrine Renoir said...

i like this one's composition - the icon on the low part

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