Monday, December 26, 2011

Mehmet the Conqueror

What was seen by Mehmet the Conqueror as he entered the smouldering city of Constantinople in 1453? We know by which gate he came through and by all accounts the walls were still standing at the end of the seige in May 1453 despite the pounding that the Ottomans had given them. I like to think that this is something like the direction he would have looked in, across the the city, over the sea of Marmara to the distant mountains.

Ok, so he wouldn't have seen the mosque that stands there now, neither would it have been so built up, in fact the areas near the walls would have probably been fields... etc... and he wouldn't have been on the walls either and no doubt he would have had a few things on his mind then. 

There is, despite all that, something stirring about going to the city walls that bizarrely remain long tall and strong flanking the northern edge of the city next to freeways and and the usual traffic.

Using ink, oil pastel, acrylic as well as watercolour made this picture just about work, it might need doing a few more times but the atmosphere is good.

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