Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Steve Jobs, Brunelleschi and getting older...

I was teaching a lesson on the Renaissance today. We talked about Filippo Brunelleschi and his use of perspective. We discussed how he noticed something..... I suppose you could say 'discovered' or 'invented', but probably it's fair to say that he conceptualised something, something that everyone (once it had been pointed out) realised they already knew.

I find the notion that there are things we all know, but have yet to have had conceptualised or spoken, to be a fascinating one. I tried to draw comparisons between what was happening in the Renaissance with the kind of creativity of  Steve Jobs, my students liked that (not sure it's accurate!). We then had the conversation 'Life before the Internet' and marvelled how the ancient world of the early 1990s ever turned, bit of a rabbit trail to tell the truth. Growing older has its advantages I'm beginning to realise.

The picture above is an attempt to express something of what I see when I look at a forest glade. Check it out

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K Howell said...

Nice! Intriguing for the I-text-therefore-I-am generation to contemplate life before the internet...

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