Monday, September 26, 2011



I found you standing in the essence of a song, 
and in the sadness of the gloom of autumn.
I found you in the wound of a thirsty flower...
And you hang a moon in the sky of our being,
and you give it to the misty night of sorrows,
and you give it to a thirsty grove,
its plantings forgotten by the rain.
(Nazik al'Mala'ika)

I wish I could do that. I mean the picture above, in case through some deft slight of hand, smoke and mirrors etc.. I have deceived you into thinking my works had potential, just take a look at that of Nicholas de Stael. His ability to portray an image into its basic essence with an overpowering intensity and longing leaves me speechless. 

I was given a print of Manfred Bockelmann in the 1980s. He too seems to have this haunting ability to turn a landscape into an image that tangles with our hearts. 


Take also a look at Travelling light some striking images.

Needless to say I am searching for a bit of inspiration at the moment.

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