Monday, September 5, 2011

The Secret Friend

'Water colour painting is so hard' is a comment I hear from many people. Actually oil painting looks harder to me! As one continues to press into watecolour as a medium one discovers an illusive friend. We're taught as children to depict what we see and that learning to control the medium is where the skill is in painting. If we can control our brush, if we can control our paint, we will achieve our end.

Although it would be contrary to refute this completely, actually it seems to me that often we are looking for the medium we use to express something that we know we can't really express on our own. That we need the assistance of another substance with its own texture, fluidity and movement to work with us. Sometimes we want to be the dominant partner, other times the medium takes us with it.

The watercolourist's friend is water. It is so much more interesting, unpredictable and unique than our designs. It needs to be coaxed, released and sometimes completely freed from our constraints. 

The above is a picture of an Istanbul ferry boat, check it out on

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