Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hidden gems...

As the tourists stream up to the big attractions of Istanbul, the streets taking them there might appear to be fairly nondescript.

Last April I met an engineer working on the tunnel project that's creating a rail link across the Bosphorus, he talked in awed wonder at the complexity of building an underground station in one of the most historical places on the planet.

Every step has history oozing out of it but the very presence of historical behemoths like Hagia Sophia naturally tend to draw attention from smaller forgotten sites like the one featured here.

The above is a painting I did of the Hobyar Camii, built in 1473 but rebuilt in the nineteenth century. It's such a great shape and I love the way the sun strikes the dome. You can walk past this place and hardly notice it next to all the other places to see in the area.

Oil pastel and watercolour are a great mix, they worked to a pleasing effect here.

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K Howell said...

Resist is the best. Nice light (again), especially that sharp triangle pointing to the dome.

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