Thursday, September 8, 2011

Graveyards - Ottoman Gothic

OK, not the most exciting title to a blog post, this isn't going to attract 'followers' in their multitudes (one would be good!). However, I must confess to a particular fascination with cemeteries and graveyards. This is not a morbid thing, but rather a acknowledgement that many cultures invest a lot of their artistic and architectural genius in how they remember the dead. So, graves often tell us a lot about a culture and its art.

This is a watercolour of a gravestone in the grounds of the Zeynep Sultan Mosque of Sirkeci in Istanbul. The fascinating things about these graves is that shape at the top signifies the status of the person who is buried there, often poetry would be written on the head stone itself. Apparently Alemdar Mustafa Pasha, an influential and swash buckling Ottoman general of the early nineteenth century is said to be buried here, this particular grave could be one of his family members.

Yes, I know it's a bit weird....

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K Howell said...

Cemeteries are so accommodating. Did try to follow on earlier visit, but Blogger was not so cooperative...

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