Sunday, August 28, 2011


As I mentioned in my last blog, Turner's genius (see Turner's view of Venice below)  seems to be have been in his portrayal of light. The interplay of a glorious sunset with some well defined detail, maybe a boat or a character, are all bound together by the way the light casts its presence.

The view above (very definitely not Turner in case you're new to him!) is from Eminönü it's the place where one would take a ferry to and from the Asian side of Istanbul to Kadıköy or Üsküdar. It's also the place where one sees a great set of panoramas. The one above is the scene looking across to the Galata tower. There is another view from this same spot which I'll feature sooner or later which looks in the other direction, but for now the view of Galata will suffice.

I'm not sure why Turner never made it to Istanbul, I suppose the fashionable places in his day were closer to the heart of Europe, I can only imagine what he'd have made of it.

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