Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunshine, Poplars and Sad News

Poplar Path - Xinjiang - watercolour - 2008.

If you've ever been there you'd recognise the picture, it's one of the typical poplar lined lanes of Central Asia, in this case Kashgar, Xinjiang. I was sad to hear of the killings in that city in the last few days.

The poplars are grown for many reasons, a wind break or shade from the sun. Often they are planted two or three deep and are harvested from time to time for timber. The beams of traditional houses are made from their trunks and are sometimes beautifully decorated. 

The patches of sunshine that strike the road as it stretches off into the distance give an interesting effect of distance. The yellows and purples, pale blues and mauves all work well together. 

It's a sad picture, a simple picture, but I think I captured the distance and the feeling of a journey. The Uygur people of North West China walk these paths, their journey is a difficult one with no certain destination. 

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