Friday, August 26, 2011


JMW Turner could paint light. As he grew older he appeared to grow steadily less interested in form and more fascinated by brilliant, shining, overpowering light. He painted Norham Castle a few times and the difference between his earlier work and his later work is stunning. What was a romantic landscape in earlier works becomes a dazzling vision of white light in his famous picture featured on the left.

I can see why Turner was so enraptured by light and in my own insignificant way find myself attracted to the way light interacts with forms and objects. An old 'Türbe' or shrine in Istanbul bathed in shafts of light created a wonderful mystical atmosphere.

Capturing that light is quite another matter and feels to me to like a journey of discovery; sometimes masking fluid works, sometimes Chinese white, sometimes white oil pastel. Check it out on


K Howell said...

Beautiful piece! I love the shadowy solidity of the payne's grey(?) and the splendid light!

Ewen MacDonald watercolouristanbul said...

Well spotted, I use Payne's grey a lot...

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