Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Hydarpaşa railway station on the Asian side of Istanbul looks like a Bavarian castle. It's situated on the shores of the Marmara in Kadıköy the bohemian centre of the Anatolian side of the city. The other thing to mention is that it suffered a serious fire last winter, apparently accumulated paper in the attic caught fire when building work was being done there.

So why 'Hydarpaşa' ? This was the name of a janissary after whom the area was named. Janissaries were members of the standing army of the sultan, they were troops often recruited from the Balkan territories of the Empire.

Why was does the train station appear so Germanic? Well, it was designed by a couple of German architects and who were working on the railway line that was to link Istanbul with Mecca. This was a project the German government was using to gain influence and leverage with the Sultan.

The watercolour is a quick impression of this striking building. Payne's Grey as usual brings focus to the composition and bleeds pleasingly into the sea in the fore ground.

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