Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Green

There's more to life than Istanbul and the distant deserts of Central Asia....

The taxi ride home from London's Heathrow airport through the Cambridgeshire countryside after many months staying in more arid and desolate places was always jaw dropping. It really can be breathtaking. Green fields, green grass, green trees, deep blue skies absorbing skyscapes and wild flowers! 

Bored already? Well, feel for the taxi driver! 

It would start with a comment from me, something like..
'Wow, it's really green!' he would murmur a polite but vaguely puzzled agreement. 
'Oh, look at those fields! They are so green!' I would say, he would grunt another affirmation.
This would carry on for about an hour. We'd venture into subjects ranging from football to politics, or the fortunes of whatever war our good country happened to be engaged in at the time. But even these subjects (polite attempts to soften the silence) would be punctuated with more exclamations of wonder at the greenness all around. I would try and think of another word to describe 'green', like 'lush' but that could sound a bit strange.

So the picture above is in homage to the English countryside from a returning wanderer. I used neat white acrylic sprayed on with a toothbrush on top of lots of wet colour which frequently threatened to run riot. Thank goodness for masking fluid which provides some control amidst the chaos of using the 'wet on wet' technique. This particular lane in the West Country is flanked by countryside that's lush and green (?), with golden and glorious light bursting through. I wish I could capture more of its charm on paper.

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