Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Black Lake - Xinjiang, China, on the way to Pakistan.

The Black Lake - Watercolour and acrylic

The lake is actually at 14,000ft above sea level, the mountain in the distance is 24,000ft. it lies on the way to Pakistan from old Kashgar in the province of Xinjiang, north west China. It was difficult to breathe up there at times and sleeping in a yurt (felt tent used by Kyrgyz herders) was cold.

It needed to be painted. The horizontal lines in the lake, the bands of colour, green, black, brown. The the cloud mottled foothills in the foreground framing the pure white of the snow. The name of the mountain in the local language is 'Ice Mountain Father' or Muztagh Ata.

Watercolours are uniquely suited to portraying the fluid forms of the clouds and the shadows of the clouds on the landscape.

A place of sublime peace in a region that sadly lacks it.

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